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Carlos Ruiz del Castillo Pérez de Arenaza

Cuchillos profesionales del Chef

Choosing professional knives for a kitchen chef is crucial, as these instruments are essential tools in food preparation. Here are some types of professional knives that are common in the kitchen and that many chefs consider essential:

  1. Chef’s Knife:

    • It is the most versatile and essential knife in the kitchen.
    • It has a wide, sharp blade that makes chopping, slicing and dicing easy.
    • Typical blade length: 8 to 10 inches (20-25 cm).
  2. Boning Knife:

    • Designed to separate meat from bones.
    • Narrow, pointed blade for greater precision.
  3. Santoku Knife:

    • Of Japanese origin, it is versatile like a chef’s knife.
    • Shorter blade and unique shape that facilitates cutting in a swinging motion.
  4. Bread Knife:

    • Serrated blade to easily cut through bread and pastries without crushing them.
  5. Filleting Chef Knife:

    • Specially designed for filleting fish.
    • Long, flexible blade for precise cuts.
  6. Paring Knife:

    • Small and handy, ideal for delicate jobs such as peeling and cutting small fruits and vegetables.
  7. Usuba Knife (Vegetable Knife):

    • Of Japanese origin, designed specifically for cutting vegetables.
    • Wide, straight blade for precise cuts.
  8. Carving Knife:

    • Ideal for cutting roast meats or poultry.
    • Long, thin blade for clean cuts.
  9. Nakiri Knife:

    • Another Japanese variant, specifically designed for cutting vegetables.
    • Square, straight blade for efficient cutting.

When choosing knives, it is important to consider the quality of the steel, the balance, the comfortable handle, and the sharpness of the blade. Well-known brands such as Arcos, Wusthof, Global, Victorinox, Xinzuo, Shun, and Zwilling JA Henckels are known for producing high-quality knives for professional chefs. Additionally, it is crucial to keep knives sharp and properly care for them to prolong their life and performance.

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